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Your behaviour in halls

By LucyMcDonald 21 Aug 2023

You must behave with respect and consideration towards other residents, staff, our contractors and your neighbours at all times. This includes refraining from foul or abusive language, obtaining the owner’s permission before using another resident’s possessions, and respecting the privacy and differences of others. The University will not tolerate any form of harassment, discrimination or bullying.

All students must behave in a professional and responsible manner, with respect for staff and students, as set out in the University of Leeds Learning and Teaching Partnership Agreement . Not participate in, or condone, any act of harassment, bullying or victimisation, and modify their behaviour if they become aware that it is unacceptable in light of the Dignity and Mutual respect Policy, even if no formal or informal complaint is made by the complainant. 

For more information on our rules and policies in halls, please refer to the Code of Conduct link below.

Code of Conduct University of Leeds Halls of Residence 23.24 .pdf (624 KB)
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