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Wellbeing & Support

Support from Residence Life team

By NickHolden 14 Aug 2023

The Residence Life team offers support that is always there for you.

We want you to love your time in halls. We know that sometimes everyone needs a bit of help, so we ensure there is always support available whenever you need it. Each hall has a Residence Life Warden and a team of Residence Life Assistant who are there to help with any issues you may have during term time.

Residence Life Assistants are there to provide advice, guidance and support during your time in halls. If you do have any problems, your Residence Life Assistants or Warden will work with you to solve them and help you to develop essential life skills such as managing conflict.

When you move into halls, you’ll be given the mobile number of the Residence Life Assistants (RLAs) at your hall – our RLAs are experienced students who live in at most sites. You can speak to them about any issues affecting your halls experience and wellbeing, or even if you’re just locked out!  

Altogether the support from Residence Life ensures that in term time there’s someone on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if you need them. 

You can find the contact details for your Residence Life Warden and RLA team on the Your Hall section of the site. 

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