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Our campus is smokefree. Please support us by not smoking here.

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Smoking, vaping, and drugs policy

By LucyMcDonald 21 Aug 2023

We don’t condone the use of illegal drugs or the misuse of prescription drugs or alcohol at the University of Leeds. But we understand that some students may choose to take drugs or drink alcohol during their time at Leeds.  

Our harm reduction stance means we’re committed to reducing harm by offering the support, resources and education students need to feel safe, make informed choices, and succeed – at Leeds and in their futures. 

The University does have a legal responsibility to ensure its premises are not used for illegal drug activity and this includes your University accommodation. We are committed to providing a safe environment for all students in our accommodation.  

The University website has more information about our position on illegal drugs and the support we offer to students who need it.  

You must not smoke (including hookah/shisha pipes and e-cigarettes) in any part of any residence.  We will claim from you for any damage caused as a result of smoking (e.g. burns to contents, lingering smells, damage to decor). 

In all University indoor space, smoking and vaping is strictly prohibited. This includes all University owned and managed buildings including residences, vicinities of entrances of buildings including doorways and covered walkways and the Leeds University Union building (LUU). (University of Leeds Smoking Policy)      

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