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Quiet Hours in Halls

By LucyMcDonald 11 Aug 2023

In halls of residence everyone lives in very close proximity so it is important to be aware of noise and the impact it can have on other residents and neighbours.

Quiet hours run between 11pm – 8am every night.

During this time it is expected that no noise should be audible from outside of your room or other area where you are situated (kitchen, common room etc.). Quiet hours are extended to 24 hours during examination periods in January and May. Please check your emails at those times for confirmation of the exact dates of the 24 hour quiet periods.

Your accommodation contract also stipulates that noise should be kept at a level that “does not interfere with the study, sleep or comfort of other residents staff and neighbours”, both in and out of quiet hours. Noise disturbance can stem from music, televisions, singing, shouting, banging doors and many other sources - so please try to be mindful of whether what you are doing is potentially causing too much noise.

If a Residence Life Assistant or other member or staff asks you to reduce the level of noise, please do so immediately.

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