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Show up for Leeds

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How will you show up against sexual violence?

By NickHolden 12 Mar 2024

Sexual violence is more than sexual assault – the ways we think, talk, and act matter. 

While sexual violence is a societal issue, it’s also an important topic for our student community here at Leeds. Preventing sexual violence won’t happen overnight, but each one of us can help make Leeds a place we’re proud to be. And it starts with showing up for yourself and for each other. 

  • learn more about sexual violence so you can recognise it when it happens, 

  • discover upcoming events and activities on campus to get involved in, 

  • sign the student pledge to show up against sexual violence, 

  • know how to give and get consent, and 

  • find practical ways you can help make Leeds a safer place for everyone. 

Explore support

You are not alone. If you’ve experienced any kind of violence, abuse, bullying, harassment, sexual misconduct or discrimination, we’re here to help. Explore support options available to our community, including specialist support offered by the Harassment and Misconduct team here at Leeds. 

Why and how was the campaign created?  

Find out why and how we created our sexual violence education and prevention campaign – Show up for Leeds – in partnership with students and LUU. 

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NickHolden I'm the Marketing & Communications Manager for the University's Residential Services. I've lived in Leeds since 2015 and love letting people know about all the fantastic places to go and things to see in Leeds and Yorkshire.
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