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Health and safety

By LucyMcDonald 12 Aug 2023

When living in residence, it is important to be aware of health and safety policies and ensure you are following them. 

You must comply with the reasonable requirements of our staff about matters of health and safety, and comply with applicable health and safety regulations and policies.  You must not do anything likely to put the health, safety or welfare of others at risk. 

If you are ill, you must follow all applicable public health advice. If you have something infectious, you should minimise your contact with others until you have recovered to protect them from infection.  You must keep yourself informed of, and comply with, regulations and guidance issued by the UK Government from time to time for the management and control of public health. 

It is your responsibility to read security and health & safety guidance carefully and comply with it. Leave your room, flat and the building secure when you go out. You must not give keys to your flat, room or residence to any other person. 

Keep your accommodation clean and carry out your share of cleaning in any shared areas that you are entitled to use. If your accommodation or the shared areas that you are entitled to use are not kept clean, the Residence Life Warden or other residence life staff may give notice requiring the space in question and contents be cleaned. If the space is not cleaned, we can hire a contract cleaner and you can be charged. 

You must not interfere with, misuse, damage or attempt to repair any electrical or gas installations or appliances or fire detection, prevention, protection or control equipment. 

You must not cover smoke detectors with anything. 

You must not prop open fire doors or obstruct exits. Misuse of fire safety equipment is a criminal offence, which can attract a fine or jail sentence. 

Ensure that any items you bring to the residence are safe to use, and are only used safely.  Your electrical appliances (including any adapters) must be suitable for safe use in the UK. 

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