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Your guide to Meal Plan

By LucyMcDonald 11 Aug 2023

Meal Plan is the catering package for accommodation on campus. It applies if you’re living in Ellerslie Global Residence, Lyddon Hall or in Dobree or Whetton blocks at Charles Morris. 

As a catered resident, your Meal Plan will start from Saturday 23 September 2023 and your daily credit can be accessed through the Great Food at Leeds (GFaL) Club app.  

Once you’ve downloaded the GFaL Club app and authenticated your account you will be able to enjoy a delicious selection of meals and grab-and-go items in the award-winning Refectory and Hugo, the camionette café on campus, using your Meal Plan credit.  

To authenticate your app, sign in using your University email address. This email is linked to your Meal Plan purse. The app allows you to use your Meal Plan credit, check your balance and collect hot drink stamps. 

Refectory opening hours and Meal Plan credit: 

Weekdays: 8am - 6:30pm  -  £14.40 per day

Weekends: 10am – 2pm  -  £7.95 per day  

Remember that unused credit will not be carried over to the following day.  

Check out GFaL’s website for more information on Meal Plan!  

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