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Making your halls as homely as possible

By ResLifeLeeds 04 Aug 2023

Transform your room into a home away from home with these budget-friendly suggestions

You’ve finally made it to university, and you’re ready to start a new chapter of your life. But before you dive into your studies, you need to make your living space feel like home.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with seven easy and affordable ways to spruce up your space and make it your own — from adding some greenery, to creating a gallery wall. These tips will help you turn your room into a cosy and comfortable sanctuary without spending a fortune.

  1. Bring personal touches
    This can include photos of your family and friends, your favourite books, ornaments, souvenirs, or anything else that reminds you of home. You can display them on your desk, shelf, or wall to add some personality and warmth to your room.
  2. Make it cosy
    Choose soft sheets, pillows, and a warm duvet or blanket for your bed. They can make a big difference in making your room comfortable and inviting.
  3. Light it up
    Use a desk lamp, rather than the ceiling light, to light up your room with a cosier feel. It will not only improve the lighting but also add some character to your workspace.
  4. Greenify your space
    Introduce some greenery into your room with low-maintenance indoor plants. Succulents, spider plants, or pothos are ideal choices that add freshness and create a calming atmosphere.
  5. Utilise functional storage
    Save space by using storage boxes to store items such as shoes, clothes, or extra bedding. Keep your workspace neat with desk organisers and shelves. They help you get rid of clutter and make it easier to find and access your essentials.
  6. Stimulate the senses
    Use plug in or reed diffusers to add pleasant fragrances to your space. Opt for calming scents like lavender or vanilla to create a soothing ambiance.
  7. Use music to bring ambience
    Different types of music may have different effects on your concentration, mood, and motivation. Some people may prefer classical music, while others may enjoy jazz, rock, or electronic music. You can try out different playlists and see what works best for you

You don’t have to settle for a dull and boring university room. You can use your creativity and some clever tricks to make your room more cozy and inviting. These tips will help you create a comfortable and homely space where you can enjoy your university life. Remember, it’s the small things that matter in making your room truly yours.