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Keeping your bike safe

By NickHolden 07 Dec 2023

Leeds is generally a safe place to live and study, and cycling is a great way to get around. But as in any major city, bicycles can be a target for thieves. 

Follow our advice to help keep yours safe!  

Make sure you buy a decent lock! 

If you only do one thing, make sure you buy and use a ‘sold secure’ D lock to secure your bike to something solid – preferably a bike rack! No lock is completely foolproof, but chain and cable locks can typically be cut through by thieves in seconds so don't offer much protection!   

Discounted ‘sold secure’ D locks are available to purchase at the Bike Hub near the Roger Stevens building on campus, or at the Security Services office at 175 Woodhouse Lane (a short walk from Laidlaw Library).  

At many of our sites you can also rent a D lock from your site reception. You just need to return the lock before you leave at the end of your contract. Ask at your site reception to see if they stock any. 

bike racks on campus

Other top tips! 

  • Make sure your bike is insured! As part of your accommodation contract you get free contents insurance. Find out more about whether your bike can be included on this policy on the accommodation website. 
  • Get your bike registered with BikeRegister. This is the UK's national bicycle marking and registration scheme. University Security Services run regular drop-ins to help get your bike marked through the BikeRegister scheme so that it can be easily identified if lost or stolen. Find out more on their website. 
  • Note down your bike's serial number and take a photo of your bike. You can usually find the serial number under the bottom bracket. Having these will help if you need to report it stolen.
  • Consider additional locks if your bike has quick release wheels to stop these being stolen.
  • Use the bike storage provided at your halls of residence - speak to your site team to get access or to find out where these are located. 
  • Always try and lock your bike in a busy, well-lit area so anyone trying to interfere with it will be spotted. Here's a handy map of where bike racks are located around campus. 
  • There are also enclosed bike shelters on campus. These can be accessed using a fob or a card - you can get one of these by contacting the team at the Bike Hub - Be careful no-one 'tailgates' you into a secure bike shelter, and always lock the door behind you when leaving. If you do lose your fob, contact Security Services immediately so it can be deactivated. 

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NickHolden I'm the Marketing & Communications Manager for the University's Residential Services. I've lived in Leeds since 2015 and love letting people know about all the fantastic places to go and things to see in Leeds and Yorkshire.
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