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Keep it stress free and fun with your flatmates

By ResLifeLeeds 27 Jul 2023

BFF (Best Flatmates Forever).

Making new friends and living with strangers (at the same time) might seem daunting at first, but trust me, you'll get the hang of it in no time. Who knows, you might even find friends for life! Of course, you only get to that point through overcoming challenges and finding common ground. Everyone is different - different personalities, habits, expectations and coming to terms with that can be difficult. We've tried to make things a little easier with these handy tips on how you can get along with your flatmates and keep any stress to a minimum.

How to become the ultimate flatmate

To make your shared living experience enjoyable and conflict-free, check out these tips on getting along with your flatmates:

  • Get social - Invite your flatmates to hang out with you. The more you do together, the stronger your bond will become. You'll understand them more and any awkward conversations you might need to have will be easier. What you do is up to you. Find common ground first, whether that be hitting the movies, exploring the city, or just having a meal together, shared experiences create strong bonds. Why not invite your flatmates along to a ResLife event? It will be a good chance to make friends with your neighbours as well.

  • Set ground rules early on - Speaking of potentially awkward conversations, it's best you get this one out of the way and figure out what rules you all need to have in place for everyone to be happy. This could be a process of creating a rota for chores (like taking out the trash or doing the dishes) or figuring out what nights people may need more peace and quiet. It'll prevent arguments later on, trust us!
  • Cook together - Food always brings people together and cooking is a nice choice for a fun activity in the flat. Sharing food you have made together or by yourself will always help you and your flat grow closer. If you're smart about it, cooking together can also save you money because you can produce bulk portions for multiple meals. Head to the nearest and cheapest supermarket as a flat family, cute.
  • Establish what's communal -  So you will likely contribute items to your flat that will be beneficial for everyone. For example, kitchen equipment, games consoles, certain supplies and of course, communal areas like the living room and kitchen. It's good to share but you should also make sure it's not just a one-way system and your contributions are being treated fairly. Sharing is caring and we're sure your flatmates will want to add to the communal pile, you just need to talk to them about it.
  • Be proactive and take the first step - Don't wait for others to make the first move because they might be thinking the same then no one ends up making the move! A good way in is by showing interest in them as people. Do they have a certain hobby you could give a go or is there that one thing you know you both like that could be an easy way to break the ice? Be brave and go for it. 
  • Respect is key - Treating others how you would want to be treated yourself may seem like a good idea but it's better to try to understand exactly what they want/need. If you make the effort to be as nice and respectful as possible then your flatmates will want to do the same in return. Being respectful might be as simple as saying hi and asking them how their day was. Or knowing when they need time and space for themselves and making sure they have it.

Living in halls can be an awesome and fulfilling experience if you follow these tips and make an effort to get along with your flatmates. A harmonious living environment awaits, and you might just find some friends that'll stick with you for life! 🏠🤝