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Life in Leeds

How to get around Leeds

By ResLifeLeeds 04 Aug 2023

Best ways to travel around Leeds

Navigating the city is an essential skill that will not only help you commute to campus but also enable you to explore Leeds to the fullest. From efficient public transport to convenient options for independent travel, this guide will give you the low down on the best options for getting around.

Public transport

  • Bus Services: Leeds is well serviced by the bus network, 9 times out of 10 the buses will be able to get you where you want to go. Familiarise yourself with the routes, schedules, and bus stops near your campus. This cost-effective transport will make your daily commute a breeze.

  • Train: In the heart of Leeds City Centre is the train station. We are well connected to the rest of the country via trains so take advantage of it for faster travel. Check out student discounts or season passes to save money on fares.

  • Coach: Usually cheaper than the trains, there is also a reliable coach station in Leeds. Check out National Express and Megabus websites for travel.

Pedal Power with Bicycles

  • Bike Rental Services: The University's Sustainability Team runs a bike hire scheme for a low-cost and eco-friendly way of getting around.
  • Personal Bikes: If you think you will use a bike often, you might want to buy one. It gives you more freedom, reduces your transportation expenses, and boosts your physical fitness.

a bicycle sign on the floor

Walk and Discover

  • On-Foot: If you live close to uni or have places that are within walking distance, choose walking. It's not only good for the environment, but it also lets you Leeds' buildings, find hidden treasures, and enhance your overall health.

Ride-Sharing Services

  • Taxi: Grab a taxi through Uber or Amber Taxi which are the two main taxi companies in Leeds. Throughout the city centre there are also white cab taxis dotted around which you don't have to book - taxis are great for if you're in a rush and need to be somewhere sharpish.

a close up of a taxi sign

Tips to consider:

  • City Maps and Apps: Use city maps or navigation apps to get familiar with routes, public transport timetables, and any possible changes or delays. 
  • Travel with friends: Travel with other people, whether that's walking or getting public transport, especially late at night.
  • Stay aware: Watch your surroundings and follow your gut. Keep your personal items safe and be wary when using public transport.

Try out the different transport options available, and find what works best for your routine for getting from A to B. 


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