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Halls Awards shortlists announced!

By NatalieCherry 21 Mar 2024

What are the Halls Awards?

The Halls Awards are a celebration of all the incredible students in our residences.

They celebrate our Residence Life Assistants (who are key point of support and security for students living in residences) and our Residence Life Social Committees (who are students living in residences that plan and run events for their peers). There's also an award open to any student living in Halls, known as the Halls Hero Award. 

The Halls Awards are part of the the LUU Celebrate period. You can learn more about Celebrate here.

The Shortlisting Process

This year we received 285 nominations, which is the highest we have ever received! Thank you so much to everyone who nominated or promoted the nomination process. 

To make a final shortlist for the Awards, each member of the Residence Life team read through all the nominations and shortlist 3-5 individuals or teams based on the number of nominations and the quality of nominations received.

 These individual shortlists are then tallied up to create a final shortlist for each award. This is done because we receive lots of nominations for each award, and so sadly we can’t put forward every single nomination!

The final shortlists for each award are listed below. Congratulations to everyone who has been shortlisted for an award!

Best Social Committee (RLSC)

Awarded to the Social Committee who have worked effectively together to repeatedly host popular, appealing and diverse events for their fellow students. 

  • St Mark’s
  • Clarence Dock Village
  • Charles Morris
  • Carlton Hill

Event of the Year (RLSC)

Awarded to the Social Committee who have produced a particular event of high quality that was well received and required strong skills in event management. 

  • Carlton Hill Lunar New Year
  • Clarence Dock Village Winter Ball
  • Montague Burton Darts Social

Student Leadership Award (RLSC)

Awarded to the Social Committee member who has been a particularly exceptional leader, displaying their ability to direct and guide a team.

  • Kavya Sharma
  • Ashlesha Sadhwani
  • Latifakhon Ismoilova
  • Prithviraj BG
  • Eben Njaravani

Inclusive Community Award (RLSC)

Awarded to the Social Committee or Social Committee member who has made the most effort to remove barriers to inclusion within their residence, and engage with the full diversity of the student body.

  • Tanesia Dey
  • Charles Morris Social Committee
  • Carlton Hill Social Committee
  • Avishka Agarwal

Exceptional Member of the Year (RLSC)

Awarded to the Social Committee member who has been extremely committed and made the biggest impact in their Halls and to their teams.

  • Avishka Agarwal
  • Vasundhra Chauhan
  • Jhumur Sharma
  • Anoushka Rao
  • Jun Qi Tee

Exceptional RLA of the Year (RLA)

Awarded to the Residence Life Assistant who has carried out their duties to a high standard during the year and made a positive impact to many of the students in their hall.

  • Georgi Minchev
  • Jo Joseph Subramanian
  • Luke Mcfarline

RLA Team of the Year (RLA)

Awarded to the Residence Life Assistant team that have exceeded expectations and worked tirelessly and professionally to support students.

  • Blenheim Point
  • Clarence Dock Village
  • Charles Morris
  • Montague Burton

Rising Star Award (RLA)

Awarded to the Residence life Assistant that has shown great development and gone above and beyond their role during their first year as an RLA.

  • Saim Shah
  • Shwet Parkar
  • Precious Jolugbo
  • Anjola Sofuyi

Contribution to Student Wellbeing (RLA)

Awarded to the Residence Life Assistant or team who has shown exceptional commitment to supporting their fellow students’ wellbeing.

  • Vaibhavee Patel
  • Faxi Mohamoud
  • Victoria Owoyinfa
  • Shwet Parkar

Halls Hero Award

Recognising the contribution that all Halls students make to life in Halls, and celebrating the incredible things that flat mates and friends do on a daily basis.

  • Irene Sara Jaimon
  • Andrea Perera
  • William Heaton
  • Shay O’Donnell

Congratulations to everyone shortlisted for an award! These shortlists and the nominations will shortly be submitted to a Judging Panel made up of senior staff from LUU and Residential Services, who will pick the winners! We can't wait to see who wins at the Halls Awards ceremony on May 2nd.

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