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Life in Leeds

Check out the student housing checklist!

By NickHolden 10 Dec 2023

Thinking about student accommodation for the 2024-25 academic year?

We work closely with Unipol, a non-profit student housing organisation in Leeds. They've put together a thorough checklist to make sure you're well equipped to search for the right accommodation for you next year.

Unipol are a one-stop-shop for everything student housing; including deposit advice, flatmate finding events and they even have their own houses too. You can visit their website which contains lots of advice and information: or speak to them in person at their office on Woodhouse Lane (next door to The Fenton).

Once you have read the checklist below, you’ll be well equipped to start house hunting!

  1. Take a look at the House Hunting Guide.

    This handy guide provides you with information on different areas of Leeds, which landlords to rent with and much more.
  2. Learn more about the Unipol Code.

    Living in a Unipol Code home provides you with reassurance that the landlord will stick to repair timescales, will have good communication and will make sure your property has quality security and safety. The Unipol Code is a safety net for student renters providing standards higher than the legal minimum.
  3. What area do you want to live in?

    There are various areas in Leeds that are desirable for student renters. It’s good to think about distance from the University, local amenities and public transport links. Find out more about the different Leeds areas here or on pages 10-13 of the Unipol House Hunting Guide.
  4. What is your budget?

    Make sure you have worked out what your budget is before you sign for a property. With inflation and the rising cost of living, it’s important to include a safety net for bills and general living. You can find out more about additional costs of renting on pages 24-25 of the Unipol House Hunting Guide
  5. Check Rate your Landlord. 

    Rate Your Landlord is a website where students can post reviews about their student housing experience. If you have found a landlord or property you are interested in, this is a great tool to hear real student opinions.

Remember to take your time when searching for a house to make sure you find the right place for you. Don’t forget, you can also get your contract checked by Leeds University Union for free if you’re unsure of anything.

Happy house hunting! 

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